Give your kid
in-demand profession and confidence
in the future

In an individual format, we teach IT professions to kids aged 8-16 and help to understand what area the child is interested in, giving the necessary knowledge and practice
an international educational company founded in 2017 by graduates of the best technical universities in Europe.
We want to educate the younger generation to be conscious, happy and competitive in the global market.
Rebotica –
I am excited about the prospects of Rebotica to teach children essential coding skills.
Unlike many other coding class providers, Rebotica uses a robust pedagogy to really equip students with a deep understanding of the processes and methodologies behind building applications, setting them up well for future technological careers.

CEO City Montessori School (CMS)
82% of students
complete our courses
Teachers help kids
find their life path
Lessons take place
5 780
Students studied
at Rebotica
We help kids to believe in themselves
and answer the question:
"What do I want to do?"
Take into account the nature, age and personality of the kid so that the student is comfortable
Take into account the psychological characteristics
We give 100% attention to your kid.
Training takes place one-on-one with a teacher at the comfort of your home
We show in practice that the modern professions are closely Knitted with the internet. Your child does not only have to watch but create their own content enabling the kid to earn.
Turning a hobby into a career
We draw up a lesson plan for the kid's schedule so that they have time and energy for school, family and friends
Select a comfortable workload
You can study at any convenient time from a tablet or computer. All you need is internet access
Conduct classes online
We hear wishes of the kids and help to open up in what is interesting to them.
We can tailor the program as the course progresses
We tailor
the program as course progresses
The course for each program consists of 40 lessons.
Classes are held individually 1-2 times a week.
The study contains
After the lessons, the teacher gives a practical task that must be completed before the next lesson.
Paid order and first earnings for chosen online profession at the end of training.
Teachers answer student questions and help with homework outside of class.
Portfolio for the future profession
The kid will learn the skills of developing games in Roblox. Will create 5 games in different genres: obby, shooter, strategy, horror, racing. Will develop on the Lua programming language the mechanics of character movement, teleportation, weapons.
The kid will master video editing software, sound design software, content planning and write 5 video scripts. Will be able to professionally design your profile in your favorite social network.
The kid will learn how to work with graphic editors and web animation tools in Tilda and Figma. Will create an online store and 3 unique landing pages. Will design 4 logos and a business card.
The kid will learn how to work in graphic editors. Implements advertising motion design: models the packaging of chips and soda, and also animates them. The kid will create about 20 models, including characters from favorite cartoons.
The kid will learn programming in the Python language from variables to modules. The kid will create 4 mini-games, a calculator application and own chat bot.
The kid will learn how to create algorithms and work with neural networks.
We develop neural networks to solve problems in real life.
Earnings of Rebotica graduates on freelancing
Age: 13 y.o.
Profession: 3D-Modeler
Student earned: ₱1500
Create a photorealistic design in 3Ds Max.
Design a prototype of a new eco-modern apartment design.
Submit 5 renders.
Age: 9 y.o.
Profession: HTML-Developer
Student earned: ₱2000
In HTML language, write a cryptocurrency exchange website with a list of all cryptocurrencies, "sell", "buy" input fields, service rules and order status. Add styles with CSS.
Age: 14 y.o.
Profession: Web-Designer
Student earned: ₱1600
Develop a website for an online store of leather products, the site should have a gallery of photos, a shopping cart, product cards, links to the social networks of the store.
Age: 10 y.o.
Profession: Game-Developer
Student earned: ₱2000
Write a script for a platformer game. The script must be written in C#. It is necessary to program the movement of the enemy and the function of destruction.
Age: 13 y.o.
Profession: 3D-Modeler
Student earned: ₱1500
Create a photorealistic design in 3Ds Max.
Design a prototype of a new eco-modern apartment design.
Submit 5 renders.
training up to 12 months
Full course fee
paid project
100% money back guarantee
100% money back guarantee for unused lessons
Your money is safe.
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